Master Mind – Chocolate Bar Bundle


All 3 Bars Comes In Same Dosage


1500 mg (100 mg per square), 3000 mg (200 mg per square), or 5000 mg (333 mg per square).

15 squares per bar.


1500 MG Dark Chocolate Bar – Start with 2 squares (200 mg).

3000 MG Dark ChocolateBar – Start with 1 square (200 mg).

For all strengths, allow 30-60 minutes for full effect before another dose is considered.


Premium Dark Chocolate, Psilocybin Mushrooms


Can be stored at room temperature. Ideally stored in the refrigerator for longer shelf life.


Contains Psilocybin Mushrooms. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Store your product safely.

Buy Master Mind – Chocolate Bar Bundle in Maine

If you’re in search of the ultimate psychedelic experience, then look no further! Mastermind is here to introduce you to the magical world of mushrooms and psilocybin-infused edibles with their Dark Chocolate Funghi Bar. Containing deliciously natural and wholesome dark cocoa, this bar comes infused with a premium blend of Psilocybe Cubensis mushrooms. This decadent treat is a tasty and discrete way to consume mushrooms without worrying about the taste of raw mushrooms. Perfect for beginners and experienced psychonauts alike, we promise that the Funghi Bar is as delicious as it is potent. You can separate the bar into individual squares for easy micro-dosing, or indulge in the full bar for a full psychoactive experience. If you want to soothe your soul and satisfy your sweet tooth, this is the bar for you! Buy Master Mind – Chocolate Bar Bundle in Maine.

Each bar contains a potent blend of Psilocybe Cubensis mushrooms, famous for their tranquil vibes and limitless potential. Once consumed, you’ll experience a euphoric high accompanied by a sense of enlightenment and spiritual fulfillment. Micro-dosing offers an uplifting and eye-opening buzz while higher doses can result in pleasant hallucinations. The Funghi Bar’s thought-provoking cerebral effects are perfect for overcoming any mental or emotional challenges you may be facing. Magic mushrooms can even be effective in combating symptoms of depression, anxiety, and other mental ailments. Whatever you choose to use it for, the Funghi Bar will have you soaring through the clouds in no time!

Most importantly, all Mastermind products contain only the safest and best ingredients. This means absolutely no pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals, or any other harmful contaminants. Each Funghi Bar is also examined and tested by an independent laboratory to ensure accurate dosing and premium quality.  Buy Master Mind – Chocolate Bar Bundle in Detroit.

Mastermind’s Dark Chocolate Funghi Bar lets you take advantage of all the therapeutic and medicinal benefits of magic mushrooms. Treat yourself to one today, and enjoy an easy-going, positive psychedelic experience hidden in a mouth wateringly delicious chocolate treat!

Mastermind Mushrooms

Mastermind Mushrooms is a company wholly dedicated to making known the vast therapeutic potential of psychedelic mushrooms. Their selection of carefully cultivated plants, bulbs, and seeds are the perfect way to take advantage of these healing properties and bring about mental clarity and lasting relief from certain ailments. Read below for more information about this promising new company is working to bring the power of magic mushrooms into the modern world. Buy Master Mind – Chocolate Bar Bundle in Oakland.

Company Overview

Psychedelic mushrooms have been around for centuries and are sought after by many for their medicinal, therapeutic, and spiritual qualities. Thanks to new innovations and an increasingly broader public perspective, Mastermind Mushrooms (along with many other companies) are finally able to spread awareness as well as cultivate their own stock of expertly grown mushrooms. With their new discrete and secure online system, getting your hands on these magical plants is easier than ever before!

When you consume Mastermind Mushrooms, you’ll get to enjoy a sense of delight, wonder, and peace unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. Within a matter of minutes, these mushrooms will move you into a spiritual state and help bypass any psychological frameworks which may have contributed to feelings of anxiety or unease. You’ll be able to experience an increased connection with the world around you as well as an overall sense of unity with the universe, leaving you with feelings of freedom and openness that stay with you long after the effects of your dose subside.

These truly amazing effects are why magic mushrooms have been shown to dramatically decrease symptoms of anxiety, depression, and other psychological challenges with just a single dose. By improving your mood, focus, and overall cognitive function, these mushrooms are the ultimate opportunity to address and overcome certain emotional and psychological challenges in your life. It was for this exact purpose that Mastermind Mushrooms was created in the first place. Buy Master Mind – Chocolate Bar Bundle in St Louis.

Mastermind Mushrooms offers a selection of premium psychedelic mushrooms available for you to securely order online. You can purchase a package containing seven grams of Dried Mushrooms that have been engineered to jumpstart your journey of personal exploration. These mushrooms deliver a high that is both powerful and enduring and pulls you into an immersive experience comprised of euphoria and discovery. If you’re looking for an experience that’s a bit less intense, Mastermind also offers a package containing thirty 100 mg doses that are perfect for any newcomers looking to microdose. There are a multitude of benefits that accompany microdosing mushrooms, including increased feelings of creativity, consciousness, and overall presence. This package is also ideal for those looking to dose while in social situations.

There’s no denying that the taste of mushrooms isn’t exactly a pleasant one. Luckily, Mastermind has you covered with their Chocolate Psilocybin Mushrooms. Each package holds one dose containing two grams of Mastermind’s premium mushrooms encased in deliciously rich cocoa powder. You’ll actually enjoy the taste of trippy treats before experiencing powerful hallucinogenic visuals coupled with intense bodily sensations.

No matter which one you choose, you’re guaranteed to have an experience that’s truly out of this world and will leave with an improved outlook on life and an enhanced perception of the world!

Based in Vancouver, Mastermind Mushroom is firmly committed to growing some of the best mushrooms in the business using only the most sustainable and environmentally conscious techniques. All of their mushrooms are organically grown without the use of any pesticides or genetically modified organisms that may compromise the quality of the plant. Each batch of mushrooms is also tested and examined by a team of experienced professionals to guarantee freedom from any potentially harmful chemicals or substances.

Best of all, Mastermind takes the extra step to incorporate only the most environmentally friendly practices in their production, packaging, and shipping processes to minimize waste as much as possible. When you purchase from Mastermind, you’ll be receiving a product that was made with your safety in mind as well as the planet’s.

The unmatched levels of quality and personal care present in each of their products are why Mastermind Mushrooms have shown themselves to a leading innovator in promoting the healing qualities of psychedelic mushrooms and dismantling the negative stigma that surrounds their use. After just one dose, you’ll be able to tackle your greatest emotional obstacles and experience a level of psychological relief unlike any other. Buy Master Mind – Chocolate Bar Bundle in San Francisco.

So why wait to start your journey toward emotional discovery and internal enlightenment? Dive into the world of magic mushrooms today with Mastermind Mushroom products, and grow into the new and improved version of you!


1500mg, 3000mg, 5000mg


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