Magic Truffles Tampanensis


 Magic Truffles Tampanensis For Sale USA

Tampanensis magic truffles, also known as Philosopher’s Stones, are a type of psilocybin truffles found naturally in Mexico and other parts of the world. They are similar to other types of psilocybin truffles, but have some unique properties. Magic Truffles Tampanensis For Sale USA.

Here are some features and effects of Tampanensis magic truffles:

  1. Strength: Tampanensis magic truffles are known for their mild to moderate effects, unlike some other types of psilocybin truffles which are known for their intense effects. This makes them suitable for beginners and those looking for a mellow psychedelic experience.
  2. Visual Effects: Although Tampanensis magic truffles have less intense visual effects than some other types of psilocybin truffles, they can still cause changing colors, patterns and shapes.
  3. Mind Change: Tampanensis magic truffles can change mind and lead to introspection and personal growth. They can also promote a sense of connection with nature and the world around us.
  4. Duration: The effects of Tampanensis magic truffles can last up to 4-6 hours, depending on the dosage and individual sensitivity.

As with other psilocybin truffles, it is important to only use Tampanensis magic truffles under safe conditions and with respect for the potency and effects of these psychedelics. Only use them in a comfortable and safe environment, with a reliable trip sitter, and be aware of the legal status of these substances in your country or region.

Very mild visuals compared to some other magic truffles

Tampanensis magic truffles are known for their spiritual character. They usually take you on a perfect introspective journey where you can meditate, analyze, self-reflect and get answers to the questions you may be looking for. These truffles tend to have very mild images compared to some of the other magic truffles on the list.

Because of these properties, the Tampanensis truffles are not really suitable for a full trip. Then go for a stronger truffle variety. But if you want to keep it small, personal and insightful, the Tampanensis could be just what you’re looking for.


How to use

Start with a dose that suits your goals and desired effects. We always advise to start slowly, especially if you are a beginner.

Chew the truffles into pieces and keep chewing until there is almost nothing left to chew. Then chew a little more. This will help to release and activate the active substances. You don’t have to chew the whole portion at once!

After 30-45 minutes you will start to feel the effects. Then decide if you want to increase the dose.


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